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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 21, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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finally we leave you with 10-month-old baby jonas doing pull-ups. why? >> turns out he's [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] . >> a former consultant for richard nixon and kicked to the watergate scandal has passed away. charles chuck colson served time in prison for his role in the watergate case. the washington post in 19722
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says "colson was a master of dirty tricks." while in jail, colson said he reformed and sent the final 0 years of his life work and evangelical minister working with inmates. colson was 80 years old a total of 6 service secret service members have left their jobs. how the scandal is becoming politicized. >> reporter: three more secret service employees resigned friday bringing the total number for six agency person mel who lost their jobs because of scandal. of the secret service added a 12th name for the list of people implicated in the scandal. here is what one democrat had to say. >> my committee and i are awaiting answers for ten questions that we have asked them, we should have those answers may 1st.
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>> reporter: the scandal took a political turn when a republican senator asked the secret service whether they are investigating potential involvement of white house staff. the white house called the move prepostorrous and says it has no reason to believe any of its people were involved. >> no agent should be involved in a situation like this, because it brings shame not only to the agency, but we're representing the united states of america when we're overseas. so no agent should be involved in any conduct as it has been reported. >> reporter: secret service director mark sullivan has ordered a comprehensive investigation of everything that happened during the trip to colombia. kron 4 news. a gorgeous day around bay area today. a taste of summertime. and that was the case for sure here at the japan town cherry
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blossom festival. they have been celebrating 45 years of cherry blooms and today we had temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. it was just gorgeous today and right now live to tiburon, a beautiful sight as we look over to the bay and city of san francisco. mostly clear skies, but we'll notice some fog rolling in for tonight later this evening after midnight and that fog is really going to cool us down for tomorrow. in the meantime, it's pretty warm out there, even right now at 8:18. pittsburg n-and san ramon, mid- 80s and milpitas, 82 degrees, but it gets cooler the closer we get to the ocean and the cooling has already begun in ocean beach at 57 degrees. here is fog tracker and here is what is going to change for tonight. for today, we have had offshore winds. the seabreezes have been relatively weak, but tonight, the seabreeze is going to crank up and that is going to take this big bank of fog parked at coast and push it into the bay. as we go into overnight hours
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and approach tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. look for fog into the bay, perhaps as far east as livermore, north to santa rosa. i think we have some fog as well into the south bay the at least to start things out for tomorrow morning. it should be gone in most places by 10:00 a.m.. still a little bit hanging out for san francisco and all of this pushes back to the coast as we go into the afternoon. because we've going to have the cloudy start and the seabreeze picking up, it's going to bring temperatures down significantly for tomorrow. warmest places tomorrow, instead of the 90s we had today, for tomorrow lock for low 80s. here is the satellite view, clear skies. there is a storm out over the pacific coast and this is going to slowly march towards the west coast the next few days and bring in the chance of rain coming up, but not until wednesday night and thursday. in the meantime, tonight temperatures in the 50s. highs tomorrow, cool are here in the south bay. cooler everywhere. we'll see readings in the 70s
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for tomorrow afternoon. warmest places low to mid-80s. livermore, 83, look for upper 60s and low 70s. and for san francisco, come down from the 70s, and into the 60s for our sunday. 76 napa, oakland a high of 73 degrees. here is the seven-day around bay. looking ahead, the cooling trends continues into monday. monday we're going to see a lot of fog, morning drizzle, temperatures warmest places low 70s. pretty much the same story for tuesday. wednesday the storm arrives bringing chance of rain thursday. it's the day before moving day. >> we're going to have a good
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day, farrah. you can run and play you want. >> i'm going to say had to everybody, because as a veterinarian, if you only come down to do procedures, they don't like you. >> you want a sandwich? >> their favorite lunch item, yes. they love them. >> reporter: there is one building here, the staff and volunteers say still creeps them out. they call it "the dungeon." >> when you first saw this place, the first time you walked in, what was going through your mind? >> he was just sort of shocked of cage after cage after cage of chimps. >> reporter: wow. >> i could stand here and touch -- . >> look at this? >> it's nothing. it bob like living in a half- bath for your whole life. >> reporter: the staff will never have to see it again. it's now moving day. with all of the activity
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and excitement, the chimps are amped up. sarah needs no coaxing, she is ready to get out of this place. she gets right in her travel cage. bart not so much. he has to be sedated. the chimps are loaded for the two-day cross-country journey. there are regular stops. denise works at the gas station in slidell, louisiana. at after stop, curiosity. >> we're going to florida. [ applause ] >> reporter: but nowhere more than florida and the animals are released into their new housing. a day later the fulfillment of a decades' work. >> everyone, i'm going to be to opening cage 6 first. >> reporter: the chimps pour out and they
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are at once excited, bewildered, curious. none had ever been free or touched grass. >> spencer, i saw you marching around on the grass. devan, good job, buddy! >> indeed and now they are home, the great chimp mig ration is over. >> coming up, it's totally confusing the new bike lanes in new york. i will show you in the next edition of "people behaving badly." [ man ] it's big.
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. for most of our lives drivers have been taught to park close to the curb, the closer the better. and, in fact, if you happen to be more than 18" away from the curb, you could get fined. except, this is san francisco, where everything that you have ever learned is about to be tossed out window. >> i think they are out of their minds. it's the worst decision that they ever made because they prioritized bicycles over pedestrians and elderly people. >> reporter: she is talking about the decision about the department of parks and recreation to create new bike lines on jfk drive in golden gate park. >> i believe in creating a bike lane, but they have it on the inside of the curb right here. >> reporter: that is right, drivers can no longer park at the curb, since
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the curb is now the bike lane and the street is a parking spot. >> if i would have opened up my car door right here, i would get sideswiped. >> reporter: where did you park? >> i because on that little strip there. >> reporter: in the median, the any configuration? >> it was one of the first days that they had it. >> reporter: this driver not familiar with the new bike lanes got a $160 parking ticket. >> it was the most mysterious ticket i have ever gotten. >> reporter: i spoke to bike riders, drivers and pedestrians and was hard- pressed to find someone who liked the new set up. >> bike should be in the middle and then the cars and pedestrians rpm it's conusing at best and while watch as they people try to set up their stroller in the bike lane, with the little girl basically in the street waiting for them to get done. even disabled drivers are to unload basically in the middle of the street. and drivers are still trying to understand where exactly they
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are allowed to park and where to drive. this is a city worker, so what do you think will happen to first-time visitors in? golden gate park, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. a car chase shuts down i-80 for hours and we'll get a look at suspect who wrecks havoc on the driver. and a teacher arrested after videotaping under a student's desk. and
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. >> a live look to kron da lin at a memorial for five boaters killed at the farallone islandslat week. >> reporter: the memorial lasted an hour ending at 8:00. it was a very somber mood. now the memorial took place in this part of the bay, right here. between angel island and tiburon. let's show you some video that we shot not too long ago.
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more than 100 boats participated in the memorial flotilla and during the memorial people were playing bagpipes and organizers also fired off five shots into the air, one for each of the five people lost at sea. they also held a minute of silence to remember the five victims killed near the formal islands. farallone islands let's a take a listen here. >> it's just very sad and i was saying to my husband, if the weather was like this last weekend, things might have turned out different for the boat race. >> reporter: what are your thoughts seeing that much boats out there? >> pretty touching. >> reporter: the coast guard and the san francisco fire department also sent their boats out here to take part in this tribute and
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they also wanted to make sure everybody was safe out in waters here in the bay. again, more than 100 boats out here paying tribute to the five people lost at sea, live in tiburon, da lin kron news. in petaluma dozens gathered. police say this afternoon family and friends held a bake sale in petaluma. it was to raise money for funeral costs for the victim's family. . . >> because my friend means a lot to me and i know she is going through a really hard time. so i thought it would be best thing to help her out and give her a little support. >> today they raised nearly $1,000 with the bake sale. people in the bay area, well let's talk about it.
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it got hot. it sure did, vicki, also 90 degrees from concord to antioch, even warm in san francisco. close to 80 degrees this afternoon. low 80s oakland with 70s showing up in some spots along the coast. golden gate bridge, clear skies, but there is fog out there. out over the ocean, it's gathering. and it's about to head into the bay tonight after midnight. and that means sunday is going to be a lot cooler as that fog pushes in and the seabreeze starts to crank up. for tonight, mostly clear in the evening. by tomorrow morning look for low clouds, bayside. there could be some fog into some. landfall inland valleys. because we're getting the cloudy start and because the seabreeze will be picking
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up, we'll see temperatures drop quite a bit, perhaps 10 degrees in some places. here is futurecast 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we're looking at temperatures, 50s for most places. as we begin the day and as we go into the afternoon, things will warm up, but not quite as warm as what we had today. warmest places in orange, showing readings in the 80s. and there is some rain in forecast and i will talk about that coming up. meanwhile folks all over the bay area flocked tot beaches. >> we have had sunny days this year, but with this being the first truly weekend, they are traveling from far and wide to reach the beaches. sea cliff beach among them. tony and his grandson are here from tracey, where it's hot in the 90s. >> it's a beautiful day. >> we're at the beach with my
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grandson and we're just enjoying the weekend. >> reporter: for visitors, this was good timing. they pacificked a california site at sea cliff a week ago without knowing it would reach into the 80s at their home in vacaville. it worked out pretty well. >> we were scheduled early in the week and happened to be able to stay the weekend. >> reporter: so it's good timing for you? >> very is good. >> reporter: the numbers posted here lifeguard station says 80 degrees and you can see waves of heat coming up offer the ground. looking at the water it tells you it's warm when you see people besides surfers getting in and hitting the waves. i look the down the beach and all you need is proof that the area is getting summer-like crowds to go with the summer- like weather. and if you are looking for something fun and free, why not head out to one of america's national park. national park service is offering free service to owl
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parks all weeklong. the deal starts today and runs through sunday, april 29th. simple 6th grade students say they were sitting around their science classroom take table when a camera dropped from underneath their desk. >> i was going to go report it, so they know there is a camera, because it was like aiming at pretty much our bodies. >> i looked down and when he see me bending down or something, i don't know, i got the camera and he snatched it. >> school officials say the male substitute teacher has been roo moved from the campus pending investigator from the police department. it appears a man found dead after a firely standoff is the man wanted for acrime spree that shut down i-80 for six
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hours and included two carjackings and a man attacked with a stolen tractor. later sheriff's deputies surrounded an apartment building and changed gunfire with someone inside. mallory huff talked about what happened next. she remained inside her apartment while the standover between the suspect and deputies took place. she snapped this picture of the hole the suspect created in the side of the apartment. through that hole she watched fearing what he would do next. >> seeing flickering and the fire started to ignite. i saw him lighting the fire. and. >> reporter: you watched him light an apartment? >> yes, i could see through the apartment. >> reporter: they evacuated residents without putting them in harm's way. many residents followed the events earlier in the day. eventually weaver was able to leave her apartment and like many neighbors she is still processing the events that took lace. >> were you scared? >> very scared. >> are
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>> i do not believe that laws like arizona should be a model for the country. >> reporter: republican senator marco rubio one of his party's favorites for romney's running mate weighed in on the dream act, a bill that would put the children of illegal immigrants on a palk tocitizenship rubio is proposing a bill that could bridge the divide over the issue. >> i felt we had to figure out a way to accommodate young people that found themselves in that that unfortunate circumstance are a speaker phone for romney, who opposed
8:42 pm
the dreamt act said, "he will study and consider the proposal. >> the answer is self- deportation, which is people decide they can do better by going home. >> reporter: romney staked out a conservative positionerning him the support of high-profile critics. >> if you want to create a real job for a u.s. citizen tomorrow, deport an illegal alien today. it actually works. >> reporter: an informality romney advisor and coauthor of arizona's law, he said he doesn't expect him to change his stance a bit. >> he says he saw romney's response to this question on arizona's emigration law as an endorsement of the are measure. >> should there be aggressive seek them out and find them as sheriff arapio advocates.
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>> he stated publicly that arizona's law should be a model how the federal government enforces its immigration laws and he is correct there, too. >> reporter: the romney campaign says he was not endorsing arizona's law, only the state's e-verify system that is used by employers to confirm the legal status of its workers:romney is mull over just who his vice- presidential candidate will be. today former florida governor jeb bush says he would consider the position. however bush says florida senator marco rubio may be the best ops. bush says rubio would help romney with latino voters. coming up we get a look at the gadgets fresh on the market. tonight a beautiful evening around the bay area for this saturday night. temperatures still in the 80s inland, but notice 50s at the coast. this cool weather is pushing into the bay and i will let you know what that means for tomorrow coming up.
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. a nice day for the bay area
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today, beautiful weather. warmest day of the year. and here in benicia, a love the folks tock to the waters under the blue skies. a lot of boats in the bay a looks like this warm weather is going to end for tomorrow. it will still be great tomorrow. tomorrow, sunday, a beautiful day, but not as warm as what we have seen. the seabreeze is coming back in. live view right now, san francisco as it appears from tiburon, where we have temperatures in the mid-60s right now at tiburon, 66 for years to. that cool air is going to spread into the bay later tonight, but right now, still warm. brentwood, pleasant hill in the 80s. here is fog tracking and the fog is going to push into the bay for this evening. midnight tonight, look for the fog to begin to spread into the bay and notice we'll have cloudy skies tomorrow morning as we start things out.
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but as we get around 10:00, we'll notice the fog begins to clear and things improve as we go into the afternoon. but because we have the cloudy start and because we have the seabreeze, it will bring temperatures down quite a bit. clear skies over the west coast, but we have a storm out here over the pacific. there it is, spinning around. it's really not going much of anywhere. and over the next few days and it's going to slowly make its way to the west coast, towards the bay area. by i think wednesday night and thursday we'll see the chance of rain here and in the meantime look for temperatures to continue to cool down. for tomorrow not as warm. 91 in san josi, but tomorrow look for a high of 7 degrees. fog in the morning and late morning and into the afternoon, 76 redwood city. east bay, low to mid-80s, 84 antioch,
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livermore, san leandro, 72 degrees. for san francisco, upper 60s, but all in all this is really nice weather. gray in the morning and sun in the afternoon and temperatures in the mid-70s for novato. temperatures continue to drop as we go into monday. look for low 70s with 60s bayside. a lot of morning fog and drizzle. chance for light rain beginning wednesday night. and it could be a rainy day on thursday as a storm system off the pacific comes in, along with cooler temperature. now time for the tech report with gabe slate. >> reporter: our tech reporter gabe slate joining us at the farmers' market in san francisco. you want a hit? >> it's not 4/20 day any more
8:49 pm
-- stop it. tell us what this. >> 's a high-tech water purifier, kills 99.9% of bacteria. this is bay area i'm enjoying this morning. >> this is really good as you travel and notice that the bay water has not significantly affected you. >> no. >> ch how much is that? >> $20. great for the outdoor adventurer/camper. >> let's talk about this iphone yo-yo. >> it's such a neat idea if you are afraid of dropping your iphone. clip this to your belt loom and that is basically it. if you have seen keys on chain? >> that is so cool. >> if your iphonee drops it. >> you can get it with a charger? >> yes, built-in. that is $20 and $50 for the one
8:50 pm
with the built-in charger. >> then it's locked in -- oh, there we go. >> that is easy enough. >> check this out. this is the rumba good watch. this is $35. so on this watch, on the backside, there is an emergency phone number and a special code. so if anyone findses you and you are hurt and they can get your emergency information. once you get this watch you sign with them on-line and they gave you a contact list to put in here. you can do the contact list, all of these stores where you just touch it and attaches to your credit card. so it's great for joggers, this watch or people that are walking because you don't need take your wallet. you take this watching and make payments with the chip all in your watch. pretty cool. >>? case you collapse or need a caffeine fit. >> yes it cover yours emergency services and if you need to spend some money of
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earth day is tomorrow and so i wanted to bring a couple of things. there are a lot of cases. this is called the green case. by a catch-up named gone. if you going them, this is 100% wool. so it's something to think about, because we have all of these cases now for tab let's. >> it's amazing, ladies and gentlemen. a lightbulb. >> you hit a switch. >> look at flashlight here. >> this is led. you probably heard about leds, guess how many years this will last? >> forever. >> 36 years (that is all? >> that basically forever. >> finally, ladies and gentlemen. >> our chargers now for all of you are gadgets, they have this thing that pulls out. this is a new outlet, usb and ac., the grade's tech. coming up, we're going dine and dish at mission bowling club. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. pairing of fine dining and bowling seems to be a trend around the bay area. i take you to the second high- end restaurant that combines the two. we visited san francisco's mission bowling club in this edition of "dine and dash." part of a growing trend, combining food with fun and what better way to enjoy gourmet cuisine.
8:55 pm
summer, this is your baby. it's my big babe. she was barely a baby when her mom bowled in the league. mission bowling club is a labor of love. >> i really wanted to capture the feeling that you get when you are bowling. the whole experience, what it was lacking for me in my experience was the quality of the food and drink, and just kind of the environment. i love how it feels to go bowling with your friends and family and have a day, just be ridiculous with your friends and do your thing. but why does everything else
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